Who are we?

Housing Developers and Investors Organization (KONUTDER) was found on 9th June 2011 by 16 big housing producers of Turkey and 47 real persons representing these producers. KONUTDER members, who play an important role for producing branded residences in a considerable amount in Turkey, have put their signature under building over 200 thousand residences so far. The member companies of KONUTDER who provide approximately 3 billion dollars per annum for Turkish economy provide employment opportunity to approximately 30 thousand people directly or indirectly.

KONUTDER was found as a platform that will make the sound of this sector louder and that eliminate all complications for a healthy growing. While housing sector has made a lot of progress with the projects developed within each period, it also faces so much trouble including the structural or cyclical problems. The solution of the troubles requires a broad-based partnership. KONUTDER take the required steps to overcome these troubles, act commonly with share holders and make attempts to provide the appropriate conditions that mean maximum benefit for all consumers. KONUTDER have been a respectable non-governmental organization in which specific companies that make business in this sector, have common goals and share common troubles are banded together for the first time. We have started to handle the issues that we cannot solve individually and that make acting together mandatory. We think that the development for civilized living areas is possible with corporate and professional investors and that there is a requirement for providing a consistent and sustainable investment ambience for this to happen. And we also are aware that one or two bad examples which are among the companies making business in this sector may provide a huge loss of trust and damage to this sector. So we intend to become a specific structure where the housing developer and investor companies have self discipline and also where these structures make all specifications comply with minimum quality standards without the necessity of public intervention for both short and long terms.

Our Vision-Mission

Our Vision

Çağdaş yaşam alanları  geliştirilmesine öncülük ederek, toplumsal gelişime katkı sağlamak. 

Our Mission

Improving the competitive capacity of our members related to knowledge in this sector. 

Our Points

  • Preparing solutions for the problems related to legislations that regulate this sector.
  • Providing the improvement on the sector of Project development and dwelling production
  • Preparing projects for housing-living areas in consideration of modern and civilized urban planning principles and working country wide for making all dwelling projects to be prepared in high standards.
  • Making regular and healthy relations between dwelling producers, municipalities, public authorities, consumer organizations and the suppliers for dwelling production sector and also providing them to get developed and providing information exchange between them.
  • Preparing different working methods related to quality labor force training with related public and/or private sector agencies and institutes and increasing the training level in this sector by means of considering the growing requirements.
  • Collecting healthy, measurable and trustable data about Dwelling Project Sector and identifying performance indicators, indexes and standards.

Executive Board

  • Ramadan KUMOVA (Başkan) 
  • Ahmet ÇELİK (Bşk. Yrd.) 
  • Hasan İnanç KABADAYI (Bşk. Yrd.)
  • Hasan K. BOLAT (Bşk. Yrd.)
  • Hasan RAHVALI (Bşk. Yrd.) 
  • Ömer Faruk AKBAL
  • Özen KUZU (Bşk. Yrd.)
  • Serhan ÇETİNSAYA
  • Ziya YILMAZ (Bşk. Yrd.)