Who are we?

Housing Developers and Investors Organization (KONUTDER) was found on 9th June 2011 by 16 big housing producers of Turkey and 47 real persons representing these producers. KONUTDER members, who play an important role for producing branded residences in a considerable amount in Turkey, have put their signature under building over 200 thousand residences so far. The member companies of KONUTDER who provide approximately 3 billion dollars per annum for Turkish economy provide employment opportunity to approximately 30 thousand people directly or indirectly.

KONUTDER was found as a platform that will make the sound of this sector louder and that eliminate all complications for a healthy growing. While housing sector has made a lot of progress with the projects developed within each period, it also faces so much trouble including the structural or cyclical problems. The solution of the troubles requires a broad-based partnership. KONUTDER take the required steps to overcome these troubles, act commonly with share holders and make attempts to provide the appropriate conditions that mean maximum benefit for all consumers. KONUTDER have been a respectable non-governmental organization in which specific companies that make business in this sector, have common goals and share common troubles are banded together for the first time. We have started to handle the issues that we cannot solve individually and that make acting together mandatory. We think that the development for civilized living areas is possible with corporate and professional investors and that there is a requirement for providing a consistent and sustainable investment ambience for this to happen. And we also are aware that one or two bad examples which are among the companies making business in this sector may provide a huge loss of trust and damage to this sector. So we intend to become a specific structure where the housing developer and investor companies have self discipline and also where these structures make all specifications comply with minimum quality standards without the necessity of public intervention for both short and long terms.

Our Vision-Mission

Our Vision

Çağdaş yaşam alanları  geliştirilmesine öncülük ederek, toplumsal gelişime katkı sağlamak. 

Our Mission

Improving the competitive capacity of our members related to knowledge in this sector. 

Our Points

  • Preparing solutions for the problems related to legislations that regulate this sector.
  • Providing the improvement on the sector of Project development and dwelling production
  • Preparing projects for housing-living areas in consideration of modern and civilized urban planning principles and working country wide for making all dwelling projects to be prepared in high standards.
  • Making regular and healthy relations between dwelling producers, municipalities, public authorities, consumer organizations and the suppliers for dwelling production sector and also providing them to get developed and providing information exchange between them.
  • Preparing different working methods related to quality labor force training with related public and/or private sector agencies and institutes and increasing the training level in this sector by means of considering the growing requirements.
  • Collecting healthy, measurable and trustable data about Dwelling Project Sector and identifying performance indicators, indexes and standards.

Executive Board

  • Ramadan KUMOVA (Başkan) 
  • Ahmet ÇELİK (Bşk. Yrd.) 
  • Hasan İnanç KABADAYI (Bşk. Yrd.)
  • Hasan K. BOLAT (Bşk. Yrd.)
  • Hasan RAHVALI (Bşk. Yrd.) 
  • Ömer Faruk AKBAL
  • Özen KUZU (Bşk. Yrd.)
  • Serhan ÇETİNSAYA
  • Ziya YILMAZ (Bşk. Yrd.)

Member Companies

Housing Developers and Investors Organization (KONUTDER) has been founded by 16 big dwelling producer and 47 real person that represents these producers.
Ağaoğlu Group of Companies have become one of the biggest investment groups of Turkey with their investments related to constructing, energy and tourism sectors since their foundation in 1981. Ağaoğlu which is a reference with their strong corporate structure, economic strength, knowledge and experience have become a leader for many younger companies about branding. Akdeniz İnşaat that is a leader company for this group carry the constructing phase of these projects on by means of developing dwelling projects for houses, offices, apartments and villas.
Artaş Group was founded by Süleyman Çetinsaya in 1977. Group; has got big investments in real estate, retail and tourism sectors; has been developed 15.000 apartments and 10 million metersquare life area , under its main brand AVRUPA KONUTLARI. It is one of the biggest real estate brands in Turkey, by high customer satisfaction and rapid delivery.
Bahaş Holding, which has a deep-rooted history in the fields of construction contracting, real estate development and urban transformation, has been continuing its activities for 32 years. Continuing its activities in the fields of construction, contracting, health, tourism, toys, project marketing, defense industry and technology, Bahaş Holding plays an important role in the renewal of Istanbul with its urban transformation projects as well as the large-scale housing projects it has implemented in the field of construction. Bahaş Holding also undertakes the technical infrastructure, social facilities, environment and landscaping of all types of buildings. The holding, which has signed large infrastructure and superstructure contracting projects such as schools, hospitals, roads, bridges and city parks for the public, has completed nearly 100 turnkey projects so far. Bahaş Holding, which has realized its new investments one after another within the framework of the urban transformation movement, continues its overseas construction investments.
Since 1993 Cukurova Construction, while operating in construction sector, has implemented many highly qualified housing projects in Adana, Mersin and Istanbul. Established in Adana as one of the family companies of SON Group, Cukurova Construction, in 2008 moved in Istanbul… The company aims to continue its growth by focusing on urban regeneration in the future.
Dap Yapı have become an important company in this sector after first branded dwelling project was carried out by Ziya and Rafet Yılmaz brothers in 1999. Journey of quality of Dap Yapı that starts with Şelale Apartments resided in Kağıthane continues with Şelale Residences resided in Ümraniye-Çekmeköy and Maltepe-Dragos-Kadıköy route, Şelale Crown Center, Şelale Premium, Şelale Space Center, Centro Futura; Dragos Royal Towers, DAP Royal Center, DAP Spiral Tower and DAP Wave Tower.
Since 1984, Demir Grup has realized numerous apartment, business, residential, school and plaza building projects in various neighborhoods of Istanbul. With many firsts in the industry, not only in the concept of housing development but in the idea of creating livable spaces, Demir Grup has grown by instituting a difference through its long-standing trust based relationship established with its customers by adding value to the lives of thousands since it was founded. Combining 33 years of knowledge, know-how and experience with aesthetics, technology, quality and comfort, Demir İnşaat has always been on the side of its investors, in all projects it has put its signature to.
Architect of living spaces  with a difference, from past to present. We are one of the largest companies in Turkey’s real estate sector with a long heritage. Our company was founded in 1961 by our Honorary President Ibrahim Dumankaya. Since then, we've been progressing without compromising our principles and carrying out pioneering projects which leads the Turkish construction sector to future. We've delivered more than 15,000 residences and business offices to their new owners so far. We pay special attention to each and every project we develop, to create a unique living space in the region in which it was developed. That's why the living areas we design and build become one of the city’s "brand mark" in a very short time.
Ege Yapı was found in 2006. They have produced approximately 500 housings besides many office projects so far. Ege Yapı that have constructed 3 thousand 266 housings in total for ongoing projects aim to produce 10 thousand housings in next 5 years. Ege Yapı have also added to their portfolio the project named Batışehir project that has started related to revenue sharing model with Emlak Konut GYO and including 3 thousand 143 housings.
EYG was founded in 2014 with the objective of playing an active role in forward-looking and sustainable set-up of the real property sector through its notion of work, which aims to develop innovative work models. Having established the first real property platform of Turkey with its brand evdekifirsat.com, EYG offers housing and office deals for sale on the internet. EYG, with the guarantee of Emlak Konut GYO and partnership of Intaya and Intes, also develops Evvel Istanbul and Adım Istanbul projects in Başakşehir.
FerYapı was found in 2010 by Ramadan Kumova and Muammer Saka who have extensive experience based on knowledge for over 20 years in this sector. They have started to play an important role in real estate sector with two big projects they carried out with Sinpaş GYO and Boyner Holding right after they were found. FerYapı which have a signing under a residence project in Kartal recently plan to produce average 1000 housings per year in next 5 years.
Fuzul Holding, whose foundations were laid in 1992 with Fuzul Automotive, stepped into the construction sector in 2000 with the brand of Fuzul Yapı. Realizing branded housing projects that add value to Turkey's future, Fuzul Yapı has brought a new breath to the sector in a short time with its projects completed and delivered on time, as well as its understanding of quality and trust in production. Since the first day it was founded, Fuzul Yapı, which has broken grounds in different commercial areas such as residences and shopping centers, has developed more than 7 thousand residential and commercial units to date. With its strong corporate structure, financial strength and knowledge of more than 30 years, it is taking firm steps towards its sustainable growth targets with industrial and housing investments that Turkey needs. The rising value of Istanbul, Başakşehir, Gaziosmanpaşa, Fatih, Kağıthane; Fuzul Yapı, which started its signature project in Kartal on the Anatolian Side and Beşiktaş, the center of Istanbul, is also one of the partners of the Northern Marmara Industry and Technology Valley formation.
Gürallar Group was established in 1948 in Turkey Kütahya as a family company and became of the most respectful companies in the sector at the beginning of 21st century. In eraly stages company made investments in Kütahya and its surroundings, added great value to socio-economic and socio-cultural development of the area. In the course of time, adding information, prosperous capital, technological developments and social responsibility to its commercial experience, the group was able to expand its operations beyond borders and became one of the most valuable companies with 7200 employees.
İş Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş. (İş REIT) was originally founded on 6 August 1999 as a result of the merger of two real companies: İşbank-owned İş Gayrimenkul Yatırım ve Proje Değerlendirme A.Ş. and Merkez Gayrimenkul Yatırım ve Proje Değerlendirme A.Ş. Adhering to a policy of pursuing only healthy, sustainable growth since the day it was founded, İş REIT reinforces the deep-rooted corporate principles and financial strength of the İşbank Group of which it is a member with a strong sectoral vision and distinguished projects of its own.
Acknowledged as a symbol of trust, success and development in the sector ever since 1943, Kuzu Group is a major company that has played tremendous role in the improvement of Turkey’s development dynamics with its infrastructure and superstructure projects. Having completed over 500 projects and 100.000 housing units, Kuzu Group is working across 3 continents. The company is ranked among “The World’s Top 250 International Contractors” according to the list of ENR. Kuzu Group has been awarded the tender for Iran Maskan Mehr project in 2010 which is the largest social housing project with a single contract in the world. 57.000 housing units have been completed in Iran / Tehran, while 19.700 housing units are currently under construction in Algeria. Having adopted a “sustainability” approach in all fields of its activity, Kuzu Group has dedicated itself to working non-stop for the creation of a more liveable world while improving the welfare of all mankind.
Mesa Mesken that was found in 1969 has won an identity determining enterprise systems after developing the operation area in time. Mesa operates in many sectors including constructing, industry, health, tourism and service. Mesa that operates both as entrepreneur and a contractor has succeeded being a “brand in dwelling sector” by performing other “firsts” in time. Mesa put their signing under the construction more than 60 thousand housings that covers an area of 7 million square meter
Timur Gayrimenkul that operate in iron and steel, fuel and land development sectors within Timur Holding since 1977 have carried out a construction project covering an area over 200 thousand m2 under the brand of NEF. A worldwide famous funding company named DIK (Deutsche Infrastruktur Kapital) had a partnership with Timur Gayrimenkul for the dwelling projects that have been performed in Turkey in March 2010.
Sinpaş Group that have extensive experience and knowledge based on 39 years in real estate sector have begun to operate the activities for developing dwelling projects under the name of Sinpaş Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş. (Sinpaş GYO) after innovative structuring process performed by the end of 2006. Sinpaş GYO that will build approximately 13 thousand 500 housings in 5 years in lands and properties within their portfolio will become a company with 3.5 billion TL capital after these projects has ended in 5 years.
The professional experience earned by primarily constructing hundreds of thousands square meters of commercial plazas, industrial sites and malls in construction and real estate sector over many years is bringing a breath of fresh air to the business under the roof of Solid Construction Company. Establishing Solid Construction Company with the accummulation of knowledge gained within the body of Ozipek Group of companies, Mehmet Sarimermer carried out the first project of Solid Construction Co., Trendist Atasehir, which is designed with the slogan of “project of all times”. Solid Construction Company entering the construction sector with a high budget project such as Trendist Atasehir, aims to offer a high quality, safe and comfortable life with long-term sustainable, quality solutions to their customers.
Soyak Holding continue their journey that has started in 1961 related to real estate sector with the goal of making huge contribution to the future of Turkey in 4 different sectors. Soyak Holding that continue to the projects and the investments related to energy, molding and cement sectors with the construction being in the first place continue to operate with the goal of providing a sustainable development and a better future with the employment for 1 thousand 500 people in 11 companies. Soyak have put their signing under building approximately 50 thousand housings so far.
Sur Yapı that has begun to operate in 1992 has been successful in many prestigious projects since foundation. Sur Yapı operate as a constructing company making high quality business including turnkey projects comprising the development, architecture, building and production phases starting from project phase. Sur Yapı that produce over 3 million m2 living area since foundation has performed an investment for an A plus office and shopping centre related to many industrial facilities and international companies besides a lot of housing project.
Torunlar GYO that go public in 2010 have the most valuable GYO title of Turkey in private sector with their shares that are operated in Istanbul Stock Exchange Market of 4 billion TL. Torunlar GYO has become a leader company for social, cultural and economic rate of turnover in located area with their investments reaching to 1.3 billion TL. Total marketable and leasable areas of the company will reach to 850 thousand m2 by triple increasing until 2015.